Tuesday, 16 February 2010

Time flies!

Until this year I have only ever really noticed the passing of time at new years. To be honest until now its never really bothered me either but then I went and had a baby and everything changed! Now time dictates every aspect of my life and I am now fully aware that every single minute is precious. My son arrived at 04.21 on 27/04/09 and I will never forget the first time I held him in my arms for as long I live. When those little blue eyes looked into mine, suddenly nothing else in the world mattered. Time literally stood still. Fast forward 10 months and oh my, what an incredible journey.
When I was pregnant time dragged. It really was the longest 9 months and every day seemed longer and longer. Strangers kept approaching me, telling me "enjoy it love, time flies". Even when he was minutes old the midwifes were talking about first words, first steps etc all which seemed a million miles away. Everyday since then has flown. In 10 weeks my baby will have his 1st birthday and I am still trying to work out where the time has gone. I look back at photographs and wander, how did a teeny tiny person who could do nothing except cry turn into a cheeky,happy beautiful little boy? It has happened literally overnight.
In the last year I too have changed dramatically. I've learnt a lot about myself and have discovered new traits I never knew I had. I now truly appreciate every single moment. My life now has a purpose and no matter how bad my day is one smile from the little guy and I feel like the luckiest person in the world! Life is no longer about materialistic things, its about spending time with the two most important people in my life and if my house burned down tomorrow I wouldn't care. Our little family can conquer anything!
So for all of those people who have, or are thinking of having children and even for those who don't enjoy every day no matter what because time really does fly and you cannot get it back. Life is really too short so live for every second.


Ok so I had completely forgotten that it was pancake day today! You would think working in a nursery would help but to my surprise we did not have any at work :-( However luckily for me I have the perfect man who came home and made me some yummy pancakes with golden syrup all over them! The perfect end to a very long day x

Thursday, 11 February 2010


There is something very calming and beautiful about watching snow fall. Everything appears very still and quiet with just delicate snowflakes falling from the sky. The white blankets bring out the child in you and you find yourself enjoying being outside in the cold. That is until real life kicks in and you realise that your not 5 anymore and you do actually have to do stuff! Don't get me wrong I enjoy the idea of the snow and I love how pretty everywhere looks but it has ruined my plans for the rest of the week. I am due back to work on monday after having 4 weeks off to recover from a hernia operation and I had big plans. My 10 month old son has been slightly neglected of "mummy" time recently due to the operation and I really wanted to spend some time taking him and out about. But as the weather has decided otherwise I guess its hot chocolate,toys and kids TV for us instead. It could be worse I guess!

Wednesday, 10 February 2010

St Lawrence Tandoori Ramsgate

In celebration of Ian's 27th birthday we popped to the local Indian restaurant for a slap up meal. We have visited the tandoori on many occasions and the food gets better every time we go! The staff are very friendly and the service is faultless. The restaurant is fairly small with a lovely welcoming feel to it. You walk through the door to be instantly greeted and seated. In true Indian style we had poppadoms with dips for starter. I then had Chicken Tikka Masala with pilau rice and a plain naan. The dish came out and as always there was lots of food! I cannot fault it I loved every mouthful! We even got slices of orange to finish and after eight mints when we left. I highly recommend this restaurant for other Indian food lovers.

Rare green Woodpecker sighting

This must be my lucky week for wildlife sightings! Whilst on a walk through Sandwich another little creature decided to expose himself to us. We were happily strolling along the "rope walk" trail in Sandwich in search of some ducks to feed, when over by the lake I noticed a small bird with brilliant red hair. I know nothing about birds but he caught my attention so I pointed him out to Ian. We carried on walking with no more thought. After feeding the ducks we headed back along the trail. I just happened to look up into the trees only to spot the bird with red hair again. I quickly got my camera and as Ian took pictures I noticed the way the bird was positioned and it seemed quite different from other birds I had seen. His beak was pointing at the bark and it was then I realised he was a woodpecker! This excited me as I had never seen one before. An older couple walked by and noticed us taking pictures and asked what we were up to. We pointed the little guy out and they to became excited. Apparently it is very rare to see a bird like that and even more unlikely that you will get photographs! So we left the bird in peace and went home and did some research. I discovered that the green woodpecker is the largest of 3 types of woodpecker found in the UK. I also read that they move around the tree away from anyone or anything watching them, but obviously he likes us as this was not the case!

Sunday, 7 February 2010

Albino squirrel makes an appearance in Ramsgate

Today like many other Sundays myself and Ian decided to go for a walk to clear out the cobwebs from the previous nights shenanigans. We took the usual route heading towards the western under cliff. The roads were quiet and we were the only people about so we had the pavements to ourselves (always handy when you have a buggy!) As we approached St Augustines abbey Ian stopped dead in his tracks and told me to "look over there". At first it was hard to work out what I was supposed to be looking at and then it moved. A pure white squirrel was just happily perched on the wall. Now dont get me wrong we have both seen squirrels before and they are animals that usually do not excite me but this seemed like a very rare sight. Luckily for us I carry my camera everywhere I go and this was the ideal photo opportunity. Amazingly the animal remained still enough for me to take quite a few photos. After the third or fourth picture he seemed to have had enough of the paparazzi and scurried off up the nearby tree. As this seemed like a rare breed I googled the animal when we got home and was surprised to discover that they are in fact very rare. Apparently they were originally seen rarely in Surrey and sightings are few and far between. This therefore impressed me and I can now say that I have seen a rare animal!

Skin care challenge day 3

The challenge continues and to be honest it takes only a few minutes to actually apply the products. In terms of how my skin has improved, as predicted it does feel softer but i am yet to experience the radiance and younger looking appearance! I am trying to do the routine twice a day and so far so good however after going out for a few beverages last night I admit it was a struggle to exfoliate, cleanse, tone and mosturise when all I actually wanted to do was pass out. I am however feeling the benefits of taking my make-up off the night before. This is something i used to religiously do but due to my very hectic life i have often found myself waking up looking like a panda! Its nice to wake up with clean eyes and be able to actually rub them. So I plan to keep up the good work but I do still feel very skeptical about it.

Friday, 5 February 2010

Skin care challenge

Ok so as a woman i get to hear a lot about the importance of having a good skin care regime but to be frank i cant be bothered with all the faffing about! The ten minutes spent rubbing lotions and potions on my face could easily be spent doing other things like staying in bed for longer! However it seems this week I maybe converted. My very good friend Charlotte bought me some Clarins products as a souvenir from her Las Vegas trip. Reading the blurb on the side of the tub it promises to lift away all traces of make-up and dirt caused by pollution whilst leaving the skin looking fresh, younger and radiant! The moisturiser seems even more promising as it explains and I quote "The ideal solution for premature loss of tone linked to a busy lifestyle. Improves the skin's support structure and hydration. Reduces early wrinkles to leave skin smooth, fresh and younger-looking again."

So purely for experimental purposes I am embarking on a 14 day skin care challenge to see how good these expensive treatments really are. I will exfoliate, cleanse, tone and mositurise twice a day every day for 14 days and then compare the differences using before and after pics.

My prediction is that the skin will initially feel softer but it will ultimately be a result of a "self fulfilling prophecy" rather than the actual products. I want to prove that you dont have to spend money and time to have nice skin.

Thursday, 4 February 2010

Yummy Mummies

So as per usual i drag myself out of bed and look at the unsightly reflection in the mirror. The person staring back at me is unrecognisable. This girl looks drained. Pale,flaky skin with dark circles under the eyes. In other words a shadow of my former self. But is that not what happens when you enter the world of mother hood? So how do you become a Yummy Mummy and what do you have to do to deserve the title? Does it mean punishing gym sessions, restricting diets, perfectly manicured nails and perfect straight hair or is it just simply being happy in your own skin and being proud that you have a little bundle of joy that will bring more love and happiness than you ever thought possible.I like to think its the latter so im awarding myself with the title and to all the other mummies out there who feel they have lost their "image". I urge you to embrace the new look and be proud of who you are. After all beauty is only skin deep....