Wednesday, 10 February 2010

Rare green Woodpecker sighting

This must be my lucky week for wildlife sightings! Whilst on a walk through Sandwich another little creature decided to expose himself to us. We were happily strolling along the "rope walk" trail in Sandwich in search of some ducks to feed, when over by the lake I noticed a small bird with brilliant red hair. I know nothing about birds but he caught my attention so I pointed him out to Ian. We carried on walking with no more thought. After feeding the ducks we headed back along the trail. I just happened to look up into the trees only to spot the bird with red hair again. I quickly got my camera and as Ian took pictures I noticed the way the bird was positioned and it seemed quite different from other birds I had seen. His beak was pointing at the bark and it was then I realised he was a woodpecker! This excited me as I had never seen one before. An older couple walked by and noticed us taking pictures and asked what we were up to. We pointed the little guy out and they to became excited. Apparently it is very rare to see a bird like that and even more unlikely that you will get photographs! So we left the bird in peace and went home and did some research. I discovered that the green woodpecker is the largest of 3 types of woodpecker found in the UK. I also read that they move around the tree away from anyone or anything watching them, but obviously he likes us as this was not the case!


  1. I didn't know birds had 'hair'? ;)

    Concgratulations on your 'Twitcher' status.

  2. Well done Hannah I got all excited this morning cos I had a woodpecker in the garden. I love birds and that was a thrill for me

  3. hi don i read your blog and saw your pic of the bird it must be our lucky week!