Friday, 5 February 2010

Skin care challenge

Ok so as a woman i get to hear a lot about the importance of having a good skin care regime but to be frank i cant be bothered with all the faffing about! The ten minutes spent rubbing lotions and potions on my face could easily be spent doing other things like staying in bed for longer! However it seems this week I maybe converted. My very good friend Charlotte bought me some Clarins products as a souvenir from her Las Vegas trip. Reading the blurb on the side of the tub it promises to lift away all traces of make-up and dirt caused by pollution whilst leaving the skin looking fresh, younger and radiant! The moisturiser seems even more promising as it explains and I quote "The ideal solution for premature loss of tone linked to a busy lifestyle. Improves the skin's support structure and hydration. Reduces early wrinkles to leave skin smooth, fresh and younger-looking again."

So purely for experimental purposes I am embarking on a 14 day skin care challenge to see how good these expensive treatments really are. I will exfoliate, cleanse, tone and mositurise twice a day every day for 14 days and then compare the differences using before and after pics.

My prediction is that the skin will initially feel softer but it will ultimately be a result of a "self fulfilling prophecy" rather than the actual products. I want to prove that you dont have to spend money and time to have nice skin.

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