Monday, 29 March 2010

Healey's easter bonnet

As Easter looms so does the traditional "Easter bonnet parade" and this year ladies and gents my little monkey gets to take part! His task has been to make an easter bonnet which he will then wear in the parade on wednesday!! Its so cute and he has done it all himself. I sat him in his high chair and put paint and glue in spoldges on a straw hat. Healey then smudged it all together with his hands eating it as he did it. I then gave him some glitter pots that he just threw and got everywhere. I gave him some cool easter confetti courtesy of Tesco which he also shook and got everywhere! The only adult in put was me cutting out the ears which he then painted. He ended up with yellow and purple hands and an orange tongue but the end result is brilliant. I have produced what can only be described as a child genius! :-)

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