Wednesday, 28 April 2010


During the relaxation part of my body balance class tonight I found my mind wandering to past experiences. I had a very clear memory of my first day at the Wasgamuwa camp I stayed at whilst in Sri Lanka. It was the first morning and the field scouts came to meet us to give us our daily task to track the area for possible elephant sightings. Anyway the thing that came to mind and I have absolutely no idea why, was that whilst on this long trek we had to swim across a river to get to the other side as there was no clear path or track round it. All I remember thinking at the time was that there were going to be lots of crocodiles in the water and I wont be able to do it but i did! Anyway this memory made me smile and I made a little pack with myself that I will never forget the good things ive experienced in my life so far. I think this philosophical mood has stemmed from my son turning 1 yesterday and this made me think of the last year and what has changed. I just really hope that I have the power to remember for the rest of my life because moments are precious and sometimes all we have are memories to look back on. I really hope that I can help make Healey's childhood a happy loving time so that he can too, one day in the future have a random happy memory flashback that will make him smile.

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